Bryce Shoemaker - Guitar
    Jim Acquavella - Drums
    Steve Becker - Bass
    Dan Wilk - VJ

    Bronze Fawn is an instrumental rock trio based out of Seattle, WA that merges the lush, effects-heavy sounds of shoegaze and the vast openness of spaghetti western scores with 70s-inspired prog-psychedelia, sludgy riffs and angular time signatures to create a unique impression on the musical landscape. For their self-released sophomore album, “Life Among Giants”, the band has once again combined these elements to chronicle the experience of modern man emerging in the ice-covered world of the Pleistocene era, a time where enormous beasts are entering the twilight of their own respective existences as advanced human life is beginning to flourish. Isolated and lonely reverb-drenched guitar tones swirl and build as they cascade into thundering bass lines and heavy drum beats, finally coalescing into a stampeding epic journey of beautifully massive proportions. Herein, Bronze Fawn documents the ultimate paradox with frenetic tones that reflect a cold and harsh environment, yet give way to melody and harmony that signal hope, evolution and the dawn of an epoch to come.

    Recorded at Studio Litho in Seattle by Matt Bayles (Isis, Russian Circles, Mastodon) and mixed at Bayles' Red Room studio, "Life Among Giants" is complex and dense with a layered sound that still manages to cut to the chase: cinematic rock that makes you move with dreams from another era.

    Bronze Fawn has performed with Battles, MONO, Earth, Holy Fuck, Polvo, Lesbian, Sleepy Eyes of Death and Talkdemonic.

    For fans of: Cinematic Orchestra, Grails, Mogwai, Pink Floyd

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