The end is near! Bronze Fawn will be performing their final show on November, 18th at Neumos. Thanks... For more information, read this.


Live on KEXP 90.3 FM, July 17th, 2010


Bronze Fawn will be playing live on KEXP at 6pm on Saturday, July 17th. Later that evening, they'll perform at the Rendezvous with Rosetta from Philadelphia. Truly, a treasure trove of lisening opportunities...


Bronze Fawn will be playing at the Sunset Tavern on Sunday, June 13th and all proceeds will benefit the Noise for the Needy. Be there...


Missoula, Montana animator Andy Smetanka shot this microscope fantasia for Bronze Fawn's "The Case of the Irish Elk" intermittently over the course of two years using light, vellum, tissue paper, black cardstock and a Soviet-era Russian super 8 camera with Ektachrome film. Digital workflow minimal. Enjoy!

The Case of the Irish Elk by Bronze Fawn from louderspace on Vimeo.


Life Among Giants is now available on iTunes and Amazon.


Life Among Giants is now available on CDBaby, and soon iTunes and Amazon. Click here to buy it.


Dave Segal of The Stranger wrote an article about yours truly in this week's Stranger. Read it and comment on line!
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2010 is here and it's the year of the fawn. The "Life Among Giants" CD is now available at most Easy Street and Sonic Boom locations. The site has listed the CD release shows and Bronze Fawn is returning to play the Cumulus Festival in February. Check the shows link for details.


Our CDs are here! We've uploaded a song from Life Among Giants called Not Too Tropical. Listen Now!


Behold! On this day, the next Bronze Fawn album was submitted for duplication. Local artist, Kevin Neireiter, brings the music to life with this painting that stretches across the front and back of the CD. The CD, titled "Life Among Giants", will be available in early December. (Click to enlarge).

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Several reviews from our show with with Polvo, including a live video.

  • Seattle Rock Guy
  • Three Imaginary Girls
  • SunBreak


    Bronze Fawn will be performing with Polvo at the Crocodile on Tuesday, October 6th. Epic...


    Bronze Fawn will be performing with the Bronzed Chorus from North Carolina at the Comet Tavern next Sunday at 4pm. Be there! Also, the album details are still being hashed out. Stay tuned...


    Bronze Fawn has finished recording their second LP. On the todo list: mixing, artwork, and finding a label or self releasing the CD. This Friday, Bronze Fawn will be performing Patrol's Record Release show at the Sunset Tavernwith Lesbian and wildildlife. Be there...


    Bronze Fawn have been locked in the basement writing new material and preparing for their recording dates with Matt Bayles at the end of May. In order to further prepare, they have scheduled a couple shows to perform the new material live. Check the shows link.

    Also, a video and review from their last show can be seen here and on our video link. Thanks Mr. iamseriou.us!


    Seattle Show Gal came to our last 2 shows and wrote a review. She is way too nice and must be stopped! The review also includes video from the performances. If your computer can handle it, click the link, then on the youtube page, choose "Watch in HD". Read her review now! Also, come to our show on Saturday with Sleepy Eyes of Death. You won't be sorry (just deafened).


    The first review from the festival is in! Thanks Don, we love you too! Read the review. Also, don't miss our next show with Sleepy Eyes of Death! Their new EP is fabulous...


    Get your Cumulus passes now! A 3-day pass for only $20. That's ridiculous! Can you say stocking stuffer? More details here.


    A festival for Seattle instrumental bands? Rejoice! Details TBD. In the meantime, we are working on setting up another show before 2009 begins. Time flies...


    This autumn, Bronze Fawn will sacrifice a thousand kittens in the name of Halloween. Brace yoursef for an live web broadcast from UW's Rainy Dawg Radio station. Plus, the day before Halloween we'll be scaring the pants of the patrons of the Comet Tavern. Did I mention the new songs, new drums, and a guitar amplifier that will melt your face off? Check our Shows link for more details...


    We are playing Day 2 of the Carousel Festival on Saturday, August 23rd. This will be a double header for Bryce as Joules plays immediately after us. Check our Shows link for more details...


    On Tuesday, we are playing at the Capital Hill Arts Center after STIFF (Seattle True Independent Film Festival). 10 Days of Films, Music and Comedy: June 6th - June 15th. Read all about it!


    On Friday, we will be in the RainyDawg radio station for an interview at 5pm. Listen here: http://www.rainydawg.org/


    1. We are playing with Earth at the University of Washington on Saturday, May 17th. If you don't have their new album, buy it! I did. Then come to the show. I am.

    2. West Coast Performer Magazine reviewed our 3/13 show. Read it.

    3. Our 4/25 show was reviewed on Don's blog. Read it. Go Don!


    Bronze Fawn was included in the KEXP Music That Matters podcast, Vol. 92: "Music That's Been Greatly Lately" produced by DJ Troy Nelson. To listen to the mp3 stream, click here. To subscribe using iTunes, click here.


    This week's Stranger Weekly includes a survey of Seattle Instrumental bands. Megan Seling's article is titled Mute Math and includes several great Seattle bands, including yours truly. Check it!


    A new review from Nada Mucho! Check it.


    New Show on March 13th with some of our favorite NW bands. Good times lie ahead...


    Bronze Fawn has recently downsized by 25%. As of lately, we've been writing new material as a 3-piece. Without keys, the new material is heavier and more epic. This spring we'll be back in action with several new songs. Stay tuned...


    New Shows!

    Bronze Fawn t-shirts are now available! Click here or "STORE" above to see a picture of the shirt in all its glory. They will be available at the Battles show on Saturday for 10 clams.


    Bronze Fawn is delighted to be opening for Battles at Neumos this Saturday! Buy tickets before they sell out and come early to see yours truly.


    #7 in North Carolina on WUAG. Check it.


    We recently hit the road and picked up some reviews on the way. Click "press" above to read more.


    Look who's #68 on the KEXP charts!


    Our album has been released. You can now download it from iTunes, or eMusic. Thanks Woodson Lateral Records for all your hard work! Also, we now have a page that contains band related reviews, including one posted today by the Stranger. Click "press" above or click here.


    Our first record review is on FensePost. Thanks!


    Our record release show is in 2 days. Members of the audience that would like to purchase shots of alcohol for the band members must do so in an orderly fashion. Tequila and Whiskey are preferred. Also, worth noting is that we are the Stranger's band of the week! See you at the show.


    The facts:

    • Our record release show is less than 3 weeks away.
    • We were able to choose the other bands for our release show, so you know they'll be good.
    • This week KEXP began playing our new album.
    • Our new album is available for $8.99 at all Sonic Boom Record locations.
    • The official release date for our album is September, 18th, 2007. Once released, you'll be able to purchase it from iTunes.
    • You can purchase a casket called the "Harrison Bronze Fawn" for the low, low price of $7,595. Who says caskets are only for the dead?


    Check out the newly added video from our last show at the Crocodile. Click the video link above.


    The CDs have arrived and will be available at the show tomorrow. Did I mention the show is free? (see previous posting)


    We are playing a free show at the Crocodile this thursday with Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death and Suffering and the Hideous Thieves. Tell a friend or someone friendly.


    Hear the full versions of 2 songs, and samples from our soon to be released debut album titled Lumber. Click the "Listen" link above or visit our myspace page.


    Our first full-length CD is currently being mastered and will be released by Woodson Lateral Records. We'll have disks available for sale at shows in July, though the official release date isn't until September 4th. Andy Smetanka from Missoula, Montana created the cover of the CD using backlit paper cutouts. Pictured below, his art work will span both the front and back of the CD.


    CD cover



    We have begun mixing our first full-length release. The CD will be released by Woodson Lateral Records, and should be available by May. Stay tuned...


    This weekend we began recording our first full-length release. If everything goes smoothly, we should have something available by March or April.


    The video now been viewed 249,000 times. The comments are especially interesting! 


    Daniel D. Brown has created a video featuring the music of Bronze Fawn. Daniel is a doctoral student of Biology at the University of North Carolina. Today, YouTube featured it on the main page and the video has been seen over 140,000 times!

    See the Video on YouTube.